Venture Teams Intl.

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What We Do ... and how we do it

Important Announcement: as of April 29, 2011, the Board has decided to curtail the activities of VTI. The Calgary office will be closed down at the end of May and activities will be consolidated to Discovery Lodge, our retreat and training centre. Click here to see the full announcement or go the front page for a more concise statement.

Venture Teams International (VTI)
trains and sends short term missions teams to present truths from the Bible dynamically and creatively! We train our teams in music, drama, dance, puppetry, illusions, chalk art, balloon sculpting, preaching, and other artistic methods. Our purpose is to equip and give passion to young people for ministry, bridging the gap between head knowledge and life experience. To date, we have sent out over 140 teams who have served in 40 countries around the world.

See our Step Up brochure describing each type of VTI team such as ShockWave Music, GAP, EscapeAct Drama, Route 66 Theatre, Family adVenture, etc.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to mentor, equip and inspire followers of Christ for purposeful global and community influence.

What We Do

Watch a video of VTI teams in action.

We use performance arts.
Music, drama, puppets and chalk art are a huge draw for audiences of all ages. It's fun, it's memorable and it works. The more ways we can present the gospel -- visually, orally, with sound, etc., the better chance people have of understanding and responding to our message. It's also a way for team members to use and develop the unique talents God has blessed them with... in order to share His love.

We send teams. Our team members train and minister together in a "team" context. As a team, they become a performance troupe, using music, drama, puppets, etc. to minister to all ages. Each team member takes on areas of responsibility, such as luggage, sound or children's ministry coordinator, building leadership and personal and technical skills. Team members are together 24/7 and learn to interact in positive, meaningful ways. They make friendships for life, sometimes as marriage partners!

Our programs are short-term.
We use short-term teams to provide young people a glimpse of what cross-cultural ministry is all about. They are exposed to ministry all over the world within the safety of a team, supervised by experienced hosts. Many alumni eventually go into full-time ministry as a result of this initial exposure or get involved in their local church in a meaningful way. Our teams are able to accomplish a lot in a short period of time, performing dozens of programs and completing significant construction-related projects in a matter of weeks. Short-term doesn't mean sacrificing meaning or value! We have programs to suit every time-frame: several days, which can be accomplished over spring break; several months, over the summer; and up to 11 months.

We work with local ministries.
We work with local ministries because they are the experts: they know the people and customs and are able to lay the groundwork for our ministry. Not only do they host our teams, but they lead, train and mentor in a significant way. Our teams, because they are trained in the arts, are allowed into many places full-time missionaries cannot go. This creates new opportunities for our hosts! Our desire is to work in partnership and strengthen full-time missionaries and local churches by opening up new opportunities, supplementing their work force for a period, and spearheading evangelistic efforts.

We create original materials.
A large portion of our materials (scripts, songs, teaching segments) is written by staff and team members themselves! For example, on Friends & Followers, team members learn to write an entire week-long Vacation Bible School program from scratch. We occasionally use what they write for our spring and summer teams.

We are unique:

  • small team sizes (you get to know your team better and are more involved in hands-on ministry).
  • affordable cost (includes all expenses, including airfare, accommodation, meals, tuition, etc.).
  • thorough training in platform ministry, suitable to the length of the team.
  • hand's on mentoring and advising from caring, competent staff.
  • ability to earn Bible college credits (Arts Internship teams).
  • overseas itinerary planned by experienced missionaries and local churches in conjunction with VTI staff.
  • you stay with local people or with the missionaries there (to grasp the culture and what the country is really like).
  • wrap-up period and farewell service after your team returns to Canada (except for Spring BreakOut).

How We're Organized

Governance. VTI is governed by an independent board of directors, which operates on the Carver policy governance model. The VTI Executive Director is directly responsible to the board.

Funding. VTI is funded entirely by donations from people all over the world. We are a Canadian charity and abide by the regulations set out by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) for charities.

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