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A.I.R. (Artists in Residence)

Important Announcement: In light of the Board's April 29 communication (see front page) we will not be accepting applications for our teams or programs at this time. If you are looking for a mission team, we encourage you to consider other like-minded mission organizations. God bless you as you serve him.

What is A.I.R.?

A.I.R. stands for Artists in Residence. The purpose of the A.I.R. program is to provide a much-needed catalyst for talented Christian artists to expand their ministry.

Check out our A.I.R. Brochure.

Why A.I.R.?
There are many talented Christian artists who struggle with getting their minsitry off the ground. VTI's A.I.R. program provides a way for them to begin their journey.

Our A.I.R. program helps artists in a variety of different ways, including:
Charitable status.
A built-in distribution network.
An office infrastructure.
Use of vans, trailers and sound equipment.
Use of training and practice facilities.
Association with a reputable organization.
Financial accountability.

What's It All About?
Our ultimate goal is to help futher The Kingdom, particularly through the arts. As we assist various artists with their ministries, we facilitate sharing the Good News through the arts. It's a synergistic relationship: the artist benefits in a number of ways by being associated with a recognized charitable Christian ministry and VTI gains additinal exposure and promotion... which ultimately helps us to recruit and mobilize team members into missions.

Is the A.I.R. VTI Program for Everyone?
No. We accept a limited number of artists who are talented, wholly committed to what God is doing at VTI, and have a desire to work hard to expand their ministry, while at the same time, promoting ours. Candidates are required to complete a comprehensive application and selection process to the considered for the A.I.R. program. A.I.R. members also need to be willing and able to mentor our team members in the arts and in their relationship with Christ.

A.I.R. artists are responsible for raising their own financial support through people who believe in their ministry and desire to support their endeavors. A major component of their financial needs may be met through performances and merchandise sales. Any donations (over $15) designated for A.I.R. artists (for their support) will be issued tax-deductible receipts.

How can I apply to this Program?
Check out the AIR Application, complete it, and send it by mail or email to our office.

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