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Discovery Lodge Usage Guidelines

Welcome to VTI's Discovery Lodge Retreat & Training Centre! We are pleased that you have chosen to be here. Please take note of the following guidelines that will help us to keep this facility in good working order and make your stay more pleasant.

1. The buildings you are using are a gift from God and lovingly renovated and paid for through the generosity and sacrifice of God's people. Therefore, please treat these facilities with the utmost of respect. Please do not deface any of the buildings and specifically do not tape or pin items to the walls.

2. Discovery Lodge consists of three buildings: the Lodge (eating and sleeping quarters), the Chapel (the smallest of the 3 buildings), and the Quad (east of the chapel). Please use only those buildings for which you have contracted.

3. Venture Teams owns the 20 acres surrounding the facility. Please feel free to explore the woods. Please note that use of the outdoor amphitheatre/fire pit and team building activity stations/obstacles on the property is at your own risk. Children must be supervised at all times while on the property. The "Wall" and "Beam" activity stations located north of the parking lot are strictly off limits, unless supervised by a VTI-authorized facilitator. VTI staff offices, vehicles and equipment, may not be handled or used.

4. If you discover things that don't work or have been previously damaged, please report it to your on-site host (see #15). If you damage an item or part of the facility, it is your responsibility to repair or replace the damaged item or repair any damage to the facility, or cover any costs involved in doing so.

5. Please do not use alcoholic beverages, recreational drugs or firearms on the property or bring them onto the property.

6. Please do not smoke in any of the buildings. If you must smoke, please do so outdoors but dispose of cigarette butts appropriately. Do not leave them on the ground and make sure they cannot cause a fire. Violation of this guideline will terminate any further usage of this facility.

7. Please keep the buildings and property clean and tidy. Please do not leave litter or garbage on the property. If additional clean-up is required, you will be assessed an additional cleaning fee.

8. Please do not take any food or drink, except water, onto any of the carpeted areas, including the bedrooms. The only exception is eating meals in the loft (upstairs in the Lodge).

9. Only kitchen and clean-up personnel are allowed in food preparation areas. Alberta health regulations stipulate that footwear must be worn in food preparation areas - no sandals are allowed. In addition, feet must be covered in food serving and eating areas - no bare feet!

10. Please do not bring your pets onto the property.

11. This retreat centre is built on Christian and biblical standards; therefore we do not condone the cohabiting of any persons other than a married couple consisting of a man and a woman. We do not condone homosexuality, adultery, premarital sex or common law relationships. No men shall be found in ladies' bedrooms or bathrooms or ladies in men's bedrooms or bathrooms. Violation of this guideline will terminate any further usage of this facility.

12. For your convenience, a payphone is located in the Lodge west exit, main floor. You may receive calls on this payphone at (403) 637-9907. Please do not use any other phones, except in emergencies.

13. Snack food and drinks may be purchased and are located in the fridge by the coffee table off the kitchen area. Prices are listed on the fridge door. Please place your money in the tin inside the fridge door.

14. If you have any questions, please talk to your on-site host.

Have a great time and enjoy your stay!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 15:20