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GAP - Go And Proclaim the Good News!


GAP is a six-week summer mission trip for high school students and young adults. Are you 16 years or older, and looking for a chance to stretch your faith? Learn how to put your faith into action, make great friends, and let God work through YOU on a summer GAP Team. Our teams use drama, music, puppets, chalk art, illusions, balloon sculpting, and more to share the Gospel. We train you for 10 days at Discovery Lodge, our training centre near Calgary, then off you go for ONE WHOLE MONTH! AWESOME!!!

Important Announcement: In light of the Board's April 29 communication (see front page) we will not be accepting applications for our teams at this time. If you are looking for a mission team, we encourage you to consider other like-minded mission organizations. Check out our Ministry Partners page for organizations we're worked with in the past and also Short Term Missions which has a comprehensive listing of short-term mission opportunities. God bless you as you serve him.

Check out our GAP Brochure.


  • Minimum age: 16 years.
  • Approximate support required: $4,400 - $5,200 CDN (depending on location).
  • Agreement with Statement of Faith
  • Application deadline for 2011 teams - April 30th (for information on application fees, cancellation and late fees, please consult the GAP application form).

GAP 2011 Ministry Locations:

  • Rwanda - $5,200 Arts evangelism, dicipleship and vocational training in the capital city of Kigali, helping in orphanages and schools, working with street kids and prostitutes and performing gospel programs. You will be working alongside the YWAM Wellspring Foundation and living in the YWAM compound. The 2010 GAP team (pictured above) ministered in Rwanda.

  • Philippines $4,400 Your team will bring the gospel to schools and communities in and around Manila, and possibly in the Mindanao region, partnering with SEND International of the Philippines. This year, the team will be led by the Jill Hagen Band (see photo, right) and will run through the month of June instead of July as is normal. There will be a training weekend on May 13 & 14 , 2011.

Hybrid Teams

We would love to take your band, youth group or dance crew and customize a summer of ministry and evangelism using your group's strengths and giftings. Let us know your interests and we will facilitate a meaningful and effective mission trip for you, along with our usual GAP teams.

rwandan orphans resize 1.jpg

Summer at a Glance:

  • July 1 - July 10/11: Training Camp
  • July 11 - August 3/4: Overseas Ministry
  • August 4 - 7: Debrief and Wrap-Up
  • August 7: Closing Rally
  • Dates are subject to change based on overseas destination. These dates are for the Rwanda team.


  • "One of the main things God taught me this summer was dependence on Him. There were many times when I felt I could not continue, but God really proved Himself and gave me the strength I needed."
    (Philippines Team Member)
  • "This summer ministry in Belize has brought me closer to God than ever before! Not only was it a way to experience the life and culture of another country, but it was a way to really see God in a new and different way."
    (Belize Team Member)
  • "This summer God really worked on the small things in my life, but even the small things are important. One thing that I learned was to be really patient and flexible."
    (Trinidad Team Member)


Stories from previous GAP teams:

GAP Application Form:


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