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Music, Drama, Dance Teams

Important Announcement: In light of the Board's April 29 communication (see front page) we will not be accepting applications for our teams at this time. If you are looking for a mission team, we encourage you to consider other like-minded mission organizations. Check out our Ministry Partners page for organizations we're worked with in the past and also Short Term Missions which has a comprehensive listing of short-term mission opportunities. God bless you as you serve him.

Bridging classroom learning and life experience, our Arts Internship teams (individual Music & Worship, Drama and Dance teams) run for nine months (September - May) and provide a wide variety of ministry experiences in North America and abroad. You will receive mentoring and hand's-on training in ministry and your specific discipline. Through partnerships with a number of Bible Colleges you can also earn up to a year and a half of academic transfer credits (depending on the school)! Click here to find more about Bible College Credits with VTI.

These arts teams are brand new for 2011 but are based on 30 years of experience. They are a take-off on our flagship Friends & Followers program, which has sent out 66 teams since 1979/80. Check out our new brochures for each team: ShockWave, Route 66, EscapeAct and our new VTI Step Up brochure.


  • Minimum age: 18 years.
  • Agree with Statement of Faith.
  • Application deadline: May 30, 2011.
  • Support Required: $15,650.
  • For information on application fees, cancellation and late fees, please consult the application form.


  • India, Philippines, Japan, Cambodia and Hong Kong are all possible destinations.

Team at a glance:

  • Training Camp (Sept. & Oct.)
  • North American Fall Tour (2.5 weeks long following Training Camp)
  • Fall Tune-Up (10 days in November)
  • Overseas Tour (November - April)
  • Team Break (10 days in April)
  • Focus (2 weeks in April)
  • North American Spring Tour (month of May)
  • Wrap-Up (first week of June).


Looking back on my year with F&F 66 (2009-10)...

ff66 team photo  for web 2.jpg

Follow the ministry of our current team (at right) in south Asia: read their blog.

Kimmie: God has done so much in and through me this year. I have learned what true Christ-like love looks like, and how to put it into action.
Ryan: Words can’t really begin to explain how much I have stre tched and grown this year … how many times God proved himself faithful in all areas of my life.
Cara: One theme where God has challenged me this year is TRUST, whether it be relying on Him... for health and energy, or for the courage to face my fears.
Alex: God has shown me how big he really is, and how he is in control of my life.
Jake: I rely on my teammates so much. I love every one of them, and getting to know each of them has been a privilege and a blessing.
Gillian: Although it is over, I know that what God has given me will be with me forever, and not just knowledge and experience, but also family (team, hosts, staff).
Carmen: Life in Asia is so much different than life in North America but our God is the same here as He is there and we are so blessed to have an unchanging God.
Tanya: God has taught, stretched, challenged, and used me more in the past nine months than I had ever hoped for.
Kyle: God simply wanted me to be willing and offer up my body and actions to be used, allowing myself to be Christ-like.
Cayla: Being a missionary doesn’t mean you’re a “Super-Christian” - it means you’re willing to allow God to lead you and work through you.
Alena: Trying to use my strength alone and what I can do will not further His kingdom; it’s what He can do through me.

Read what the 2008-09 F&F team members said about their experiences.


Q: What's included in the $15,650 (Canadian)?

A: Room & board, transportation for ministry (flights, vans, public transportation), monthly honorarium, travel insurance, books and ministry supplies).

For more information on these teams: call 1.800.565.3818 or send us an email using our contact form!

Music, Drama, Dance (Arts Internship) Application Form:

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