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College Internships


For over 30 years it has been our passion and calling at Venture Teams International to provide quality internships for Bible College students. It is one of the things that we believe that we do well. As one of our team members from last year said: “Everything I learned at Bible College came to life at VTI!” With that in mind we urge you to consider the options below especially in our Arts programs: Shock Wave Music, Route 66 Theatre and Escape Act Dance (formerly Friends & Followers), which is 9 months long (Sept - May). Another option would be our GAP program, which is 6 weeks long (July - August). Whatever your long term plans or dreams might be it is valuable to complete an internship that provides strong structure, accountability and debriefing.

Fulfill the requirements of your college internship in the following areas:


Whether your gifting is in worship leading, vocals, playing guitar or dance, this is great opportunity to develop your skills and influence the world with what God has given you. You will have hundreds of music opportunities in various cultural settings in front of large and small audiences. You will put into practice whatever you have learned about Ethnomusicology.


This is not a typical pastoral role. You will study homiletics and will have many opportunities to preach in North America and overseas. As the team's Spiritual Life Coordinator you will learn how to provide pastoral care for your team mates.



By coming on one of our teams you will be able engage cultures of the world in a way that will help you integrate what you've learned in the classroom. You will study the post-secondary course: Perspectives on the World Christian Movement while traveling and learning worldwide.


Our world needs Christian leaders who are willing to serve, stand and shepherd as the Lord has gifted them. The internship you will experience with us will be character focused, providing spiritual and practical daily mentorship. It will also provide many opportunities to observe and interact with ministries and leaders around the world. Every year we are in need of quality young leaders, especially men, who can develop their leadership and administrative skills on our teams with hand's-on collaboration and decision making.

Other possible internships

Creative Teaching
Children’s Ministry
Youth Ministry

Feel free to contact us if you have questions!

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