Venture Teams Intl.

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Team Member FAQs

Question 1.  How can I raise support when I'm unsure which country I will be going to?

Answer:   Remember that you are asking people to support you in this training ministry, not to support a specific country. Suffice it to say, you will be involved in ministry here in North America and overseas in a cross-cultural setting. You will be on a gospel team that uses the avenues of music, drama, puppetry, preaching and counseling to share the gospel with people. You may wish to share with people your first choice of countries but be sure to stress that you will only find out for sure when you arrive at Training Camp. Ask them to pray with you for God's direction in terms of your country of service. 

Question 2.   When will I know for sure which team I am on?

Answer:  In properly and prayerfully balancing the teams, there are many areas to consider and we need to view all applications as a whole before making the final decision.  The decision on team placement is made during the first week of Training Camp. We will seek to honor the desires of each team member when considering team placement and if we need to ask you to go to a country which isn't your first choice we will consult with you and come to a mutual agreement. We appreciate your prayers in advance for wisdom in making these important decisions.

Question 3.   What if some donations don't appear on my monthly statement?

Answer:   All month-end financial statements are based on when we deposit the money, not on when the donor sends it in.  Therefore, you may know that someone sent money in for you near the end of the month, but it doesn't show on your statement.  Don't panic!  It should be on your next month's statement.

Last Updated on Saturday, 22 March 2008 12:30